Injury Prevention - 6. Aches, Pains and Soreness

Ache, Pain, Soreness, know the sensations you get when you run, Van Run Club

Part of what I’ve discovered from years of running is that I like to push myself. I think it's partly pushed onto us by our achievement oriented society. We want to go faster, run longer and do more. If I did a 10K, the next step is a faster race or a half marathon.

We keep pushing until we get worried that we have hit our limit. I mean why would we stop when we’re achieving greatness, right? So how do we know when we’ve hit our limit? Well, our body sends us feedback/messages.

One of the best skills you can develop is listening to your body, understanding messages and learning to adapt. The better you are at listening to your body, the sooner you will recognize when you’re approaching your current limit. This means the sooner you can start taking actions to counter the stress that is being put on your body, whether it is