Past Events

These are some of our past events. I hope you enjoy and come join us for something the future.

Run Scavenger Hunt - Jun 5th, 2021

Running should be fun. So we decided to do a Scavenger Hunt. Pick your colour, solve the clues and take pictures at the local landmarks. 


Neon Run Brewery Crawl - May 8th, 2021

Put on your neon and go for a run and stop at a couple of breweries along the way. Special love for: Faculty Brewing, Electric Bicycle and 33 Acres.

Birthday Run - April 17th, 2021

We like to put on birthday hats and go for a run. Baked goods and coffee after as well!


Run Easter Egg Hunt - Apr 3rd, 2021

Let's go search for some eggs while we run! Chocolate may be involved :O